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Live Storage Racking ( Pallet and Carton)

Pallet Live Storage Racking is  an excellent high -density storage system for automatic stock rotation using gravity force on a First In First Out ( FIFO) basis .

Pallets are put on the racks at the loading face on rollers sloping down towards the picking face, therefore pallets roll to the front. When the first pallet is removed at the picking face , the gravity and automatic braking system bring the pallets stacked behind it to roll to the picking face of the racks at a controlled pace , so the picking face is always full of stock .

Goods stored first are taken out first – thereby allowing easy control of goods by manufacturing dates and production batches .The storage and retrieval are also quick due to separate loading and picking aisles.  It is an ideal solution for pharmaceuticals or perishable food .

Based on the length of raceway and loading weight , the braking system and speed controller are installed in the raceway  , which efficiently control  the speed of rolling . The forklift is required to take the pallets .

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Carton Live Storage Racking

The Carton Live Storage Racking  operates in much the same way as the pallet system except that the goods are hand-loaded and stored in boxes or small containers sloping down on plastic rollers .

The system is particularly suitable for order-picking ( Pick to Light , Pick to Voice ) applications for the assembly , distribution or shipping in the car manufacturing , pharmaceutical , cigarette and food industries.

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