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Pallet Shuttle System

This is ultra -high density storage system , and can be described as one that offers the density of the Drive In System and the advantage of the Live Storage System.

A pallet load is put on the pallet rail of the racking system by using a normal forklift. The load is then carried deep into the racking tunnels by using a small shuttle cart , known as the Pallet Shuttle . These tunnels can be as long  as 30 pallets deep.

The Pallet Shuttle System requires no aisles . It offers both the First In First Out (FIFO) or First In Last Out ( FILO) options without the necessity of driving a forklift truck into the racking tunnels .The operation of  storage and retrieval is automatic control.

Operated by remote control, the Pallet Shuttle lifts the pallet above the rails, runs smoothly and accurately between the rails and places it at standard distance from other pallets , thus avoiding the goods being crushed by the frames or adjacent pallets  .

This system offers high – volume order fulfilment, while preserving the fexibility required by the third-party logistics (3PL) service provider .

Mechanical Handling Equipment

No special equipment is required . Any forklift from the existing fleet can be used so long as it can reach the top most pallet position .

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