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Push Back Racking System

The Push Back Racking System provides the density of the Drive In System  without having to drive the forklift truck into the racks . It offers high- density storage  on a First In Last Out (FILO) basis.

All goods ( in pallets) enter this racking system via pushback lanes at different levels of the structure . Each pushback lane consists of a pair of rails (equipped with either steel rollers or nested trolleys)  which are installed at a slight gradient / slope ( with the higher end towards the back and the lower end at the front of the racks ).For storage , the first pallet is placed on the front of the racks by a lift truck , the operator then loads the second pallet by pushing back the first towards the inside of the racks . The subsequent pallets are loaded in a similar way . For retrieval , the lift truck takes out the pallet at the front ( last one in), thereby allowing the pallets behind it to roll gently to the front.

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