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In very hot August, there is also a ” hot” project under construction at the site of OTL Systems in Shanghai: 3 -tier racks connected with steel platform , 9.6 meters high, sharing about 7,100 square meters .

This is a difficult project, as the workload is heavy, the construction period is tight,and many works are underway such as lighting and fire engineering.  Even there is no air conditioning, high temperature and humidity in the warehouse.

How to ensure quality, quantity and completion of job on time, and  particularly, to ensure that racks of Zone A + Zone B and the steel platform are completely joint together well. It is a challenge for high precision of production and installation of OTL Systems .

It is first to require the theoretical accuracy to be guaranteed from a design perspective, and also consider actual tolerance during the fabrication and installation .

OTL Systems team has 23 years experience of professional logistics equipment for design, manufacturing and installation. After careful examination and review of the size of the site, and by computer simulation, it is sure that the design of the product drawings is accurate. During the production process, by using advanced technology, and strengthening the inspection , it ensures that each product is qualified. During the installation, the area for racking is measured again, and then racks of A and B areas are assembled in steps, meanwhile, the dimensions of the key nodes in each step are checked timely to ensure installation indexes are within the specified range, and until steel platform and racks in Zone A and Zone B are “strictly stitched together” so that whole systems are stable and safe, which is praised by customers.

“Knife sharpening the firewood” – high quality products + scientific management + the hard working of OTL Systems’ team is the cornerstone of success for each project.