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The outbreak of  Novel Coronavirus is testing not only the society, but also its members .

How to fight against the epidemic, not only protect themselves to reduce the social burden, but also resume work as soon as possible and make a contribution to the society, OTL Systems has been thinking and taking the action.

The employee is one of  foundations of an excellent enterprise, ensuring the health of employees is the first choice .

During the Spring Festival holiday, under the situation of shortage of logistics and materials, OTL Systems has been trying his best to purchase masks, anti-epidemic knowledge publicity column, disinfectant and thermometer to meet the requirement .

OTL Systems not only has been implementing anti-epidemic regulation issued by administrative department of  government, but also establishing working group for epidemic prevention and control to  publicize anti-epidemic knowledge  through the WeChat group of enterprise employees ,  know  physical condition of each employee, and take medical isolation measures as required.  According to the actual situation, OTL Systems has been formulating new production management systems for anti – epidemic .

By hard work, under the measures to ensure health and safety, OTL Systems has passed the assessment of relevant departments of government and officially resumed work on 18th February.

In the fight against the epidemic, it is a strong step forward!