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What successful completion of each project behind is efforts, growth and cultivation of a person, a team and an enterprise.

In the spring of 2020, another OTL large auto- parts center project was  accepted in initial phase. The project shares an area of about 20,000 square meters and storage space  for racking about 68,000 pcs. There are  new shelves and the renovation of used ones. After it is completed, it can meet the growing demand of customers for after-sales logistics.

As a typical  project, short delivery time and high quality are its hard targets. OTL team worked closely with each other in sales, design,raw material , production, delivery and installation. For example, the Production Department adopted the piece-work incentive scheme, strengthened the training of production workers, used  advanced technology to improve production efficiency and quality, and reasonably utilized the space to build a platform which is conducive to the stacking of products and logistics . Under the cooperation of all departments ,  the shipment and installation began within one month after signing the contract.

However COVID-19 outbreak in the beginning of 2020 disrupted normal work and life, and the installation process of the project was inevitably affected. According to the actual situation, the Installation Department immediately prepared  work plan during the epidemic and epidemic prevention and control management rule. The Installation Department immediately dispatched senior installation engineer and installation team to the site in accordance with the requirements of the customer and apparent control of the epidemic in China.  During the construction, they strictly enforced above rule and safety management system, overcomed complex environment, cooperated with the management company, coordinated  with fire fighting and lighting suppliers to work . Based on hard work ,  they timely completed initial project and laid a good foundation for completion of entire one , which was praised by the customer .