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Dust-free clothes” — with good dust filter, can prevent the dust on the body and hair and other fine particles to the clean workshop, meet the requirements of high-end dust-free environment closed clothes.What happens when the “clean” meets the “shelf”?

The total area of the warehouse is about 2,250 square meters. Total pallets: approximately 3,700.In the ASRS family group of Eastern Union, a project with a small volume has unique requirements: dust-free construction is required during installation; No damage to the environment, especially to the epoxy resin floor; High precision rack; The installation cycle lasted nearly four months.

During the installation and construction period, it is in the critical period of coVID-19 prevention and control, which undoubtedly poses a formidable challenge to the orderly implementation of the installation work and the daily life of the construction personnel.

CAI Yue, the installation engineer of Donglian Project, isolated himself with the installation team in advance for 14 days before the project started in order to complete the installation project on time and with good quality.As the project is a battery warehouse, there are special requirements for the construction environment.After the start of the project, you will wear the all-day dust-free suit; Wear a mask helmet; 15 seconds of air shower, etc. These are comparable to medical protective suits!Besides, laying protective MATS and checking that the 5S is up to par are daily routines.

In the hardware construction, the shelf installation quality precision is high, the allowable tolerance value is smaller than the normal range value, even the smallest screw installation should be marked with an oily pen.


CAI is in charge of the site installation of our project. In addition to ensuring the safety of construction, we should strictly implement the plan for resuming work during the epidemic and the epidemic prevention and control management system.Monitor staff to update health code and travel code every day, and take temperature regularly.Due to the time limit and the limit of the epidemic, only after the completion of the project, CAI Gong and the installation team can go home. The complexity of the project and the hardship in other places are self-evident!

After several months of efforts, especially under the pressure of the pneumonia epidemic, the Eastern United Installation team completed the installation of all the projects as scheduled, and no one infected, which reflects the professionalism and dedication of the Eastern United people!

In the process of project completion acceptance, both the schedule control and construction quality of the project have been highly recognized by the customer, and finally the project is qualified for one-time acceptance!