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OTL logistics service saves money and saves trouble to make warehouse distribution more professional

A product has a long way to go before it can go from raw material procurement to the production floor, then off the factory production line to the warehouse, and finally to the hands of consumers.

Especially with the development of global trade, today’s consumers can buy goods from all over the world, the production, sale and consumption of a commodity may span different countries and regions. During this long journey across countries and regions, third-party logistics companies such as OTL Logistics are responsible for the transportation management of goods.

The benefits of choosing OTL logistics service are mainly shown in the following aspects:

  1. The enterprise can optimize the allocation of resources and concentrate its limited manpower and financial resources on its core business;
  2. The integrated service mode of OTLlogistics warehouse and distribution ensures the cooperative enterprise’s product distribution efficiency, thus further improving the operation efficiency of the cooperative enterprise. In addition, it can also reduce the pressure of the cooperative enterprise’s own storage capacity.
  3. OTLlogistics has long-term cooperation with a number of express companies, and the price of express delivery has advantages, so it can save more costs for customers in transportation costs.
  4. For the sake of customers, OTLlogistics has worked out customer-oriented, low-cost and efficient logistics solutions to enhance the image and competitiveness of cooperative enterprises.

OTL contract logistics can help enterprises to solve the contradiction between production and distribution, so as to make enterprise product distribution more convenient and professional.0

Oriental Technology Group which was established in 1990, Hong Kong, its other: OTL Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd, in addition to the production of storage equipment, also through the other: logistics and value-added services, to provide clients with front storehouse with ZhuangSiFeng supply chain management co., LTD., under the same group, we provide from program planning to system implementation to the logistics operation of the entire solution.

OTL Logistics Center is located in OTL Industrial Center park next to S238 Provincial Road, Zhenjiang New District, Jiangsu Province. The park is near Galaxy Road to the north, and the two import/export routes along Wufengshan Road to the west realize the operation and management mode of diverging the arrival vehicles (trunk line) and the delivery vehicles (urban distribution), with high efficiency of goods circulation.With Zhenjiang as the Center, The Distribution radius of OTL Logistics can reach the second-level provincial capital Nanjing and three economically developed third-tier cities yangzhou, Taizhou and Changzhou. The scope of Daily Delivery service can cover nearly 25 million people, which is suitable for the Regional Distribution Center.1





OTL logistics provides customers with professional warehousing and distribution integrated logistics services. Customers who have entered the warehouse: domestic brand shoes and clothing customers, international brand home appliances customers, famous lubricating oil brands and auto parts brands, etc.6666

In addition to the delivery of services, OTL Logistics has a professional logistics operation team, which can integrate customer business with the whole logistics system for analysis, develop personalized logistics service plans, and use special storage equipment and tools for warehouse allocation to ensure the efficient and timely delivery of customers’ products to consumers.OTL logistics service, save money, save trouble to make warehouse more professional!