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  • Scam Alert Notice

    Scam Alert Notice   It has been brought to our attention that there are a few scam websites falsely made under our name in Mainland China and overseas, which include: Illegal and improper use of our logos and information copied from our official websites without our authorization; and publishing fake news/information in our name; Construction of a false investment and […]
  • OTL Systems’ Persistence

    In early April 2020, after efforts and perseverance, Wuhan finally controlled the outbreak of novel coronavirus  and was opened !  Refer to  OTL Systems, another big ASRS project had been completed in initial stage ! No matter how cold the winter is, it cannot stop the spring.  The project covers an area of about 12,000 square meters , 4 warehouses, […]
  • OTL Systems Spirit

    What successful completion of each project behind is efforts, growth and cultivation of a person, a team and an enterprise. In the spring of 2020, another OTL large auto- parts center project was  accepted in initial phase. The project shares an area of about 20,000 square meters and storage space  for racking about 68,000 pcs. There are  new shelves and the renovation of used […]
  • OTL Systems Taking the Action Against Novel Coronavirus

    The outbreak of  Novel Coronavirus is testing not only the society, but also its members . How to fight against the epidemic, not only protect themselves to reduce the social burden, but also resume work as soon as possible and make a contribution to the society, OTL Systems has been thinking and taking the action. The employee is one of  […]
  • Wonderful Moment at CeMAT Asia 2019

    CeMAT Asia 2019 exhibition from 23 to 26 Oct is not only a platform for OTL Systems to show our development and achievements in the past 23 years to business field and customers but also a grand event for exchanging information and making friends. By years of efforts , OTL Systems has developed and produced a series of storage racking […]
  • OTL Systems Organized the Training About First-aid and Emergency Disease Control and Prevention

    In order to improve employees’ health and safety awareness and protection skills, and conduct self-help and mutual rescue in case of emergency, thus reducing injuries, OTL Systems specially invited Mr. Gao from the Airport Safety Supervision Bureau to have the training in the morning on July 24, 2019. Mr. Gao introduced CPR, chest compression, artificial respiration, acupoint massage and other first-aid and emergency disease control […]
  • Project is Under Construction

    In very hot August, there is also a ” hot” project under construction at the site of OTL Systems in Shanghai: 3 -tier racks connected with steel platform , 9.6 meters high, sharing about 7,100 square meters . This is a difficult project, as the workload is heavy, the construction period is tight,and many works are underway such as lighting and fire engineering.  Even there is no air conditioning, high temperature […]
  • One of New Projects at the Beginning of 2019

    One of New Projects at the Beginning of 2019 In Jan 2019, a project is available for the acceptance , which is one of new projects at the beginning of New Year. In 2019, OTL Systems is always working hard !
  • CeMAT ASIA 2018

    CeMAT ASIA 2018 was held from 6 Nov to 9 Nov 2018 at Shanghai New Int’l Expo Centre. As the leader in logistics field since 1998 , we set up the booth to show by this good opportunity , No. W1 hall E3-1 . By excellent cases and samples , we attracted many customers and friends to visit and discuss […]
  • OTL Systems got the award of honor “Most Popular Racking” again

    OTL Systems got the award of honor “Most Popular Racking” again On 31 Oct, 2016, The 3rd China International Logistics Development Conference and 4th China International Logistics Exposition , sponsored by China Transportation Association and International Logistics and Transport Society, was grandly held in Suining , Sichuan. 2016 annual national advanced logistics enterprises and the most popular technical companies selected […]