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Mobile Pallet Racking

This is a system where pallet racking moves on mobile-bases, hence the name Mobile Pallet Racking .

This system is designed to maximize space utilisation by reducing aisles required for forklift operations.

It is a high density storage system requiring one ‘ shifting ‘aisle and allowing 100% access to the pallets stored . Mobile Pallet Racking can increase storage capacity by up to 115% over the conventional  pallet racking system without the loss of selectivity .

Mobile Pallet Racking comprises of individual racks mounted on mobile bases .The mobile bases are power -driven by highly efficient and standard gear -reduction motors controlled by Programmable Logic Controller , and can be operated in ambient and very low – temperature environments . Sophisticated safety features make the system very reliable to use .

Mechanical Handling Equipment :

Counter balance and reach truck

Special Features of Mobile Pallet Racking

Ideal for high cost storage environments such as cold stores
100% selectivity
Good floor utilisation
Net pallet area as a percentage of overall warehouse area is 65% .

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