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First ISO 9001 Joint Meeting of Management Evaluation

Based on Ithe evaluation plan of ISO9001 Quality Management System, the first joint meeting was attended by Nanjing OTL Systems and Zhenjiang OTL Systems  at the meeting room on the third floor in  Nanjing factory at 10:00 am on 29 May 2015.
Deputy CEO Chen Yun  presided over the meeting and senior managers of Nanjing and Zhenjiang factories attended.
Management representative Gong Ming  introduced the development of  TUV Certificate of ISO9001 Quality Management System in OTL  Systems since 2000, namely it had  5 times of changing  the certificate , 15 times of annual evaluation  and 3 times of updating the edition ( ISO9001-1994 edition , ISO9001-2000 edition and ISO9001-2008 edition) .
Then manager of each department evaluated the realization of the quality target of his own department in 2014 and new target in 2015 .  Finally both of  Deputy CEO Chen Yun  and  General Manager Qian He Ming summarized and  put forward specific requirements for future work.