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【Case sharing】Efficient intelligent solution for storage of shoes and clothing

With the transformation of e-commerce, new retail, omni-channel sales and other circulation areas, the shoes and clothing industry, which leads the fashion trend, has put forward higher requirements for logistics services.Warehousing system is the core link of shoe and clothing logistics.In view of the complex scenarios such as the variety of SKUs in the shoe and clothing industry, 2B2C delivery, return, peak period (big push, seasonal distribution), the automatic and flexible intelligent storage system can better meet the needs of shoe and clothing storage.

In October 2020, OTL Systems reached a cooperation with a third-party logistics enterprise to integrate and implement the warehousing system for the warehouse area of luxury shoes and clothing. Now the project has been successfully delivered and put into use.This project not only tested the shelf design and manufacturing ability of OTL Systems, but also tested the integration ability of OTL Systems’ intelligent storage system.

Demand analysis to determine the plan

In order to design a set of shoes and clothing industry demand, cost-effective, expandable program, OTL Systems‘ Design Department has done a lot of customer demand research and discussion.After detailed analysis of the survey data, the warehouse was divided into different areas, and an intelligent storage system integration scheme of adjustable pallet racking system + multi-tier shelving systems + new-type material box robot picking was customized for the project.

1The factors such as the utilization rate of warehouse space, the way of goods access and sorting affect the order processing speed of shoes and clothing logistics and the satisfaction degree of consumers to its service.The project introduced a new type of container robot equipment, “goods to people” picking mode greatly improved the efficiency of picking operation, accuracy and storage density of the warehouse.

Shelf design and installation is an important part of the overall scheme, which directly affects the space utilization of the warehouse.In order to match the refined operation mode of shoes and clothing warehouse and make full use of the available space of the warehouse, the pallet storage area adopts the high beam type shelf, the shelf height is 7.4 meters, the pallet cargo space is about 700, the beam height direction can be adjusted freely according to the storage demand, the load is heavy, and the forklift is used to load and unload the goods, which is suitable for bulk storage.


3The storage area is also designed and installed with two-tiers shelving systems. The height of the shelves is 9 meters, and the attic space is about more than 60,000. Combined with the commodity characteristics of the shoe and clothing industry, the design of different height and size of the compartment, a variety of storage, but also specially designed and installed hangers and installed back net to prevent goods from falling, to ensure the safety and flexibility of storage.

Seiko craftsmanship concrete implementation

Because this project adopts the new material box robot equipment, the accuracy deviation control requirements of the shelves are very high. OTL Systems has introduced advanced manufacturing equipment to produce ultra-high precision shelves, and combined with more than 20 years of storage shelf design and installation experience, to ensure the perfect fit of the shelf system and automation equipment.

OTL Systems insists on using high-quality raw materials, and uses high-strength steel as the columns, beams and main load-bearing parts of the production shelves, so as to ensure the safety, toughness and quality reliability of the shelf system.

In the future, more large-scale shoe and clothing enterprises or shoe and clothing logistics service providers will realize efficient operation of storage network through intelligent transformation of storage system, so as to adapt to the rapid change of supply chain. OTL Systems will, as always, keep close to customer demand, introduce advanced intelligent storage equipment on the basis of high-quality shelves, and customize personalized storage system integration solutions for customers.